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Champagne Label

Apart from the various descriptive terms on the label, the letters in small print at thebottom of the label will indicate the type of producer. The numbers that follow will identify the individual wine maker.

The codes are as follows;

RM (Recoltant-Manipulant) - Wine made by a grower, not a co-operative or Merchant.

RC (Recoltant-Cooperateur) - A grower sells his grapes to a co-operative and buys some wine out of the communal vats to sell under his own name.

CM (Co-operateur-Manipulant) - This is the wine made by and sold by a co-operative.

NM (Negociant-Manipulant) - Wine made and sold by a merchant

MA (Marque d'Acheteur) - Wine made by a merchant under a second, subsidiary label to satisfy a foreign buyer's wish for a special selection, or to sell at a lower price yet avoide conflict with his chief brand.

SR (Societe de Recoltants) - Wine made by a family company of growers.

Sometimes the phrase 'Recently Disgorged' will be seen on a Champagne label. These bottles have lain on their yeast deposits for much longer than usual, gaining depth and flavour are keeping maximum freshness. The disgorging takes place only just before the wine is sold. Such wines are frequently of de luxe standard.